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Study Abroad Programs

Global Completion Degree Pathways 

Want to transfer your associate degree from Snow College to an international university?

Snow College partners with several universities abroad to continue your educational pathway toward an international bachelor’s degree. These partners recognize Snow’s associate degree and will award transfer credit for the first two years of their university.

Partner universities require an additional year or two to complete their degree.  Numerically, this pathway looks like: 2 + 1 or 2 + 2 for a bachelor’s degree.  It’s a great way to get international experience in your education! 

  1. Rennes School of Business (France) -
  2. Dorset College (Ireland) -
  3. Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand) -
  4. Kansai Gaidai University (Japan) -


Semester Abroad 

Want to study abroad for a semester?  There are several global partners where this is possible.

Currently, Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan, is the only university for a study abroad experience paying Snow College tuition. There are many other options to study abroad and have your credits transferred back to Snow. 

  1. Otemon Gakuin University (Japan) -
  2. CCIS
  3. Estudios Universitarios de Adalucía (Spain)  -
  4. Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand)
  5. Waikato University (New Zealand)
  6. Asia Exchange
  7. Southern Utah University Partnership - 
  8. Study and Work in Germany. Congress Bundestag Young Professional Exchange -
Faculty Led 

Snow College faculty led trips are typically part of a course or organized by Snow College faculty.  These trips are short term, typically between 7-14 days.

Each year the trips are different. Check with your professor or department to see what is happening.

  2. Ireland -
  3. Partnering with SUU for short-term faculty led programs - 
Summer Programs 

If you would like a short-term study abroad experience, a summer program might be right for you.

  1. Community College Bootcamp (France)
  2. Tunisia -
  3. Asia Exchange Korea and Bali
  4. Critical Language Scholarship Program - 
  5. Humber Summer School in Toronto, Canada -

Service/Volunteer Abroad

Have an international experience while you volunteer abroad, teaching English part-time.   

  1. Partnership with International Language Programs ( - Teach English (3 months) in: Costa Rica, Lithuania, Romania, Mexico, Nicaragua, Thailand.
  2. North America Language and Culture Assistants Program ( - Teach English in Spain. Offers a living allowance, insurance, and work visa.
Funding and Scholarships