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Here are some links that will show you some of the services offered here at Snow College.

Student Employment
Campus Visits
Disability Resources
Wellness Center
Student Support Services
Housing Services
Veterans Resources 

You can and should support them, but don't live their lives for them. The value of college is found in academics and the opportunities for moral and social development that abound on campus. Don't prevent your child from growing in these ways by doing these tasks for them. And to do this, you must begin to transfer responsibility over their life to them in incremental steps in the pre-college years, so that they are better prepared for life away from home. Encourage them to take risks, and let them deal with the emotions and other challenges that failure can bring. Some of the ways you can help are:

  • Cultivate and value honesty

  • Encourage regular reading

  • Don't be a helicopter parent

  • Help them realize they need to be responsible for managing their own lives

  • Do what you can to model and foster virtue

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