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Scholarship Checklist

Snow College Academic Scholarships

(Presidential-Honors Scholarships)

  1. Apply and get accepted to Snow College by March 1st
  2. Request ACT/SAT to send test score to Snow College
  3. Request Snow College Admissions Office to update highest score
  4. Contact departments, performance based offices, and athletic department to complete any other criteria they may specify

There are no deadline dates for the Alumni Legacy and Non-resident scholarships. They are awarded throughout the year.

Consider applying for FASFA to determine if you will qualify for any additional financial aid.

Additional Scholarships

We did the legwork for you, all you have to do is apply, apply, apply!

  1. Apply to as many scholarships as possible
  2. Identify Snow College as your school of Interest or the next school you plan to transfer to
  3. Review and proof read essays, if applicable