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Performance Based Scholarships

Performance-based scholarships are awarded according to talent in specific areas and may require an audition, portfolio, or interview. Students must contact the specific department for which they would like to apply. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the department regarding deadlines and requirements.

Snow College offers performance-based scholarships in Athletics, Art, Dance, Forensics, Music and Theatre. In addition, there are scholarship options available if you are accepted into the Snow College Honors Program. If you are a student interested in one of these areas and would like to apply for scholarships, please see the information below. You will need to contact the department for information regarding deadlines, auditon and interview dates, portfolio requirements, etc. Also, please feel free to contact the Snow College Scholarship Office at 435.283.7150 or email ude.wons@spihsralohcs.


Below is a listing of the departments to contact:

  • Athletics – If you are interested in an athletic scholarship, please contact Denise Duncan at ude.wons@nacnud.esined or call 435-283-7020. Also, please visit the Athletics webpage at


  • Art – If you are interested in an Art scholarship, please contact Brad Taggart at ude.wons@traggat.darb or call 435-283-7417. Also, please visit


  • Dance – If you are interested in auditioning for a Dance scholarship, please contact Brad Olsen at ude.wons@neslo.darb or call 435-283-7481. Also, please visit


  • Forensics – For information about our Forensic scholarships, please contact Malynda Bjerregaard at  ude.wons@draagerrejb.adnylam or call 435-283-7423. Please visit


  • Music – For information about our Music scholarship auditions, please contact Sherry Nielson atude.wons@noslein.yrrehs or call her at 435-283-7472. Also, please visit


  • Theatre – For information about Theatre scholarship auditions, please contact Andrew Nogasky atude.wons@yksagon.werdna or call him at 435-283-7064. Also, please visit