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Eating Disorders

And Suggestions for Managing Them

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1. Evaluate your thought process

What are your attitudes about body shape, fat prejudice, and dieting? Preconceived notions that emphasize thinness can be harmful.

2. Focus on nourishing

Nurture your body and focus on creating healthy relationships with others.

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3. Evaluate your role models

Be sure the images of successful idols include examples that are healthy and happy, regardless of their weight.

4. Be aware of societal pressures

Society leads us to believe that we are more valued by how we look than by who we are. This notion is not only incorrect, but can be detrimental to our health.

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5. Have realistic standards

Understand that perfection is an unachievable goal and will leave you feeling depressed.

6. Dieting isn’t a cure-all

Dieting may appear as a good way to get control of your life, but it never is the be-all-end-all for a good life.

Special thanks to Lisa Laird, MA, Snow College for this information.

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