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Grief and Loss

Suggustions for coping

Clock raining over a flower, it takes time for plants to grow. It will take you time to recover and heal.

1. Be patient with yourself

Don't be pushed or pressured to move on or stop grieving until you are ready. It should feel natural for you to move on ... that is when you are ready.

2. Don’t be silenced by the loss

Allow yourself to talk about the loss openly. Draw on relationships with family and friends. Consider joining a support group.

Person putting their arm around someone else.
Hand holing a heart out to the world.

3. Continue to love and hope

Look for the gift that comes with every loss. Turn to God or spirituality in any way you find meaningful.

4. Find ways to celebrate

Developing ways or rituals to honor birthdays, anniversaries, life celebrations, etc. can be helpful in the case of losing a loved one.

Two balloons.
Person putting their arm around someone else.

5. Try not to blame yourself

Don't punish yourself for things you could have or did not do. Dwelling on regrets from the past will do more harm than good.

6. Make an appointment with us!

While grief is a normal response to loss, counseling can be helpful in the healing process.


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